The different lines of products, while maintaining their distinctive identity, are bound together by raw materials: minerals, semiprecious stones, fossils which constitute the greater proportion and characteristic of each individual article, and which are enhanced in combination with different materials, depending on their intended use.

Geoworld Eduproducts is the line of educational toys which takes inspiration from the themes of nature and the past and was born with a mission to popularize. Fossils, gemstones, minerals and dinosaurs, real or as perfect copies, are the protagonists of toys and collections devised for children and teenagers, in order to bring them to the world of paleontology, to play and learn. All the products are complemented by in-depth material.

Geoworld Home Items to furnish in which the refined design combines with the value of an authentic fossil or a semiprecious stone, expertly processed by expert craftsmen who enhance their characteristics. Each item is unique, because the stone or the fossil which Nature has created is unique.

Geoworld Gift A complete line of gifts devised for the wider public: objects  inspired by Nature and which utilize authentic fossils and minerals. The craftsmanship also enhances their value by  combining them with other materials.

Geoworld Books a wide selection of scientific books, devised for different targets, - teenagers, adults, newcomers, enthusiasts - based on a popular publishing line which, in simple clear language, explains the great themes related to geology and paleontology.

Geospirit Gems & Jewellery Geospirit line is inspired by the energy properties of stones and crystals, which are enhanced by designers who create jewels with semiprecious stones, combining them with different types of materials, to create unique and valuable objects.

Miss Dee Geoworld is the exclusive distributor in Italy of the jewellery line of the Swedish brand founded in 2005

Jurassic Gallery March 2009 , Hong Kong becomes the location for the first art gallery which exhibits fossils of great scientific and artistic value, and which were restored by experts who applied sophisticated processing techniques to bring them back to life. The gallery is aimed at enthusiasts and collectors who can buy authentic unique pieces, accompanied by certificates of authenticity.

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