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30 years of history

It’s not only a job, it's our passion

The Geoworld Group concept is based on a vertical Mine to Market process (from the initial excavation to end market), in compliance with local laws and the sustainability of the Earth.

Dr. Piccini and his network of experts constantly explore the planet in search of the best specimens. With the collaboration of a team of designers and artists, the finds are transformed into Nature’s Art, unique art pieces created by nature, that exude a timeless luxury appreciated by those with elegant, refined taste the world over.

Today, our Bespoke Nature solutions (individually tailored natural art) allow us to satisfy the requests of interior designers and the most discerning customers with custom solutions, always unique and exclusive.

Geoworld Group thinks big, even for little ones. Driven by the mission, to bring the past into the future, we’ve developed STEM toys and publications that educate and excite children about geological and paleontological sciences, inspiring them to be in love with Nature!



The Science Team

Geologist, paleontologist and gemologist

Dr. Stefano Piccini

Distinguished as the only businessman who offers natural products on an industrial scale, he has added impeccable taste to his reputation. Honoring the simple nobility of stones, he elevates them to elegant collectibles and incredible works of art.

After graduating in Geology and Paleontology, he obtained an expert diploma in precious and semiprecious stones.

He has participated in numerous scientific and commercial expeditions, contributing to science important discoveries of dinosaurs and other fossils in South Dakota and Wyoming (USA) and collaborations with prestigious museums and universities.
He has been a scientific consultant for television broadcasts, magazines and editorial series.

In 1988 he founded his first company, Geolinea, with a paleontological laboratory that would soon become among the most important in the world.
He has published articles and books on scientific popularization and has created important exhibitions.

Today his scientific projects converge in the Geoworld Group, which carries out various scientific, didactic, popular, editorial, industrial and commercial activities in synergy.
He created the Dr. Steve Hunters brand, associated with a line of STEM toys and internationally published science and comic books: products and content for children that develop scientific culture through play and the discovery. Stefano Piccini and the Dr. Steve Hunters character are truly one and the same.

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Dr. Mauro Gubiani

His passion for anatomy is well known throughout the medical community. He loves education, is always willing to share his experiences and enthusiastically participates in projects.

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Parma before the age of 26 and then specialized in Cardiology. After a few years he left hospital work for a career as a General Practitioner: a job he passionately performs that allows him to maintain a direct and deep attending relationship with his patients. He often dedicates himself to health education projects and emphatically believes in prevention. For more than 10 years he has been collaborating with the University and has since also become the medical coordinator of an RSA (Health Care Residence) where patients are welcomed and rehabilitated before returning home from the hospital.
He is the scientific consultant for Human Body World by Dr. Steve Hunters, a children's book series published by Geoworld, and the inspiration for one of the main characters, Dr. Bones.

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Geologist and mineralogy expert

Dr. Federico Pezzotta

A first-class scientist, a true expert on minerals, crystals and gems. He manages the largest geo-mineral laboratory in the world.

He is curator of Mineralogy at the Natural History Museum of Milan and Chairman of the Museums Commission of the International Mineralogical Association.
He graduated in Earth Sciences and obtained his doctorate in Petrology and Isotopic Geochemistry. He then went on to explore and search for gem and crystal deposits all over the world, with a particular fondness for Madagascar. There he discovered a new mineral and gem, which was named pezzottaite in his honor by a group of American and European mineralogists.
Federico Pezzotta has documented the results of his field and laboratory research in some books and over 200 publications in respected international scientific journals.
He is the scientific consultant for Mineral World by Dr. Steve Hunters, a children's book series published by Geoworld, and the inspiration for one of the main characters, Fred Rock.

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Dr. Paolo Rosa

Spiders, insects, butterflies have no secrets from our house entomologist. He is a unique scientist who never tires of traveling the world in search of new discoveries.

He graduated in Natural Sciences from Pavia and won the Binaghi Prize of the Italian Entomological Society for young entomologists. He specialized in the study of cuckoo wasps, or golden wasps, and his research led him to explore almost 40% of the planet.
He discovered and described over seventy new species and two new genera. In his honor, two new species of Hymenoptera have been described for his prodigious research: Miscophus paolorosai and Chrysis rosai.
He works as a researcher at some of the most prestigious European, Russian and Chinese museums and as a freelancer. He has published eighty books, scientific and educational publications. He has set up numerous entomology exhibitions in parks, museums and universities, appreciated by over 500,000 visitors.
He is the scientific consultant for Bugs World by Dr. Steve Hunters, a children's book series published by Geoworld, and the inspiration for one of the main characters, Paul Bugs.

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Geologist and paleontologist

Dr. Fabio Marco Della Vecchia

One of the world leaders in paleontological sciences. He discovered and described several new species and published hundreds of scientifically based articles and books.

He graduated with a degree in Geology and then attained a doctorate in Paleontology with a dissertation on Triassic pterosaurs.
He participated in excavations and research projects at multiple dig sites around the world and has collaborated with prestigious universities, museums and institutions.
He often dedicated time to teaching, publishing numerous books and articles in specialized international magazines.
His scientific activity focused mainly on pterosaurs and reptiles of the Triassic in northern Italy. During his research, he described new specimens and new taxonomic units and tried to reconstruct the series of modifications which led to flight capacity.
Currently, he is a researcher at the Institut Català de Paleontologia in Cerdanyola del Valles (Barcelona).

He is the scientific consultant of Jurassic World and Fossil World by Dr. Steve Hunters, a children's book series published by Geoworld, in which he appears as a cartoon character.

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