"Be in love with nature"™

Our dream is to build a worldwide community of people – children and adults – with the same passion for geological sciences and love of Nature.

Our concept is to blend Nature’s art with modern design.

Our values:
Share scientific knowledge and accurate information.
Encourage respect for the Earth and its sustainability.
Share unparalleled experiences through first-class products and services.


"Bringing the past into the future"™

Geoworld Group is a conglomerate of companies based in Italy and USA.
We have over 30 years of experience in industry, geological and paleontological trade.
We are a “Mine to Market” company and cooperate with the most reliable suppliers around the planet.

We operate in our factories and geo-paleontological laboratories.

We strongly believe in education through experience: owning a piece of Nature allows us to grasp the lessons of the past, to understand and appreciate the present and to preserve history for future generations.




Geoworld’s strength is in-depth scientific knowledge of raw materials: minerals, gems and fossils. This knowledge enhances and allows for unique product applications.


Our raw materials come from established partners, who share our corporate ideals and offer valuable collaboration in compliance with environmental sustainability and local laws.


All design and development of Geoworld Group products occurs in Italy under Dr. Stefano Piccini and his team’s supervision, guaranteeing scientific precision.


Every product draws inspiration from nature, geology and paleontology and offers a unique experience: an opportunity to own and treasure a matchless art piece, crafted from million of years of history.

Discover the activities

Discover the exceptional experience of our geo-paleontological laboratory where we developed advance techniques to reveal and restore ancient fossils extracted from different sites around the world.
With unwavering commitment, our exclusive products, characterized by refined Italian design, appear at events, shows and exhibitions.