Bringing the past into the future

To bring the past into the future, this is the mission which inspires all the activities and products of Geoworld.
The 30 year old company works to share, sustain and spread Nature and Science knowledge as well as using the  most modern technologies and media.

30 years of history

In 1988 Stefano Piccini, paleonthologist and geologist, opens his first shop in Cividale del Friuli (Italy) and he called it Geolinea. At the beginning, Geolinea was specialised in cleaning and restoring fossils and minerals. In a couple of years, thank to the unicity of its specialisation, the laboratory developed quickly and steadily becoming a landmark in its field.

Today, the paleontological laboratory counts on 30 years of experience in restoring fossils of high scientific value and realising perfect replicas for museums, universities, galleries and exhibits all over the world.

Geoworld group is a global firm that has applied industrial standardised procedures to products derived from the natural world. All the product lines share the same raw materials -minerals, fossils, semiprecious stones- and the same general project: to bring the past into the future.

The new Dr. Steve Hunters’ products line, named after the comics character and Stefano Piccini alter ego, offers products and contents for the children, to spread respect for the Earth and the scientific culture through play and discovery.