GeoArt is the Geoworld group’s foundation that supports art and sponsors exhibitions, installations and artistic projects which are able to synthetize the mutual relationship and the union existing between Nature, Science and out-of-time Beauty.

Vladislav Shabalin

Vladislav Shabalin


Geoworld supports Shabalin from the beginning of his artistic carrier and sponsors his projects.

Vladislav Shabalin is a russian artist, of italian adoption, who fought against the soviet government during the communist era.

His style is characterized by the peculiar language he chose to adopt, one between art and science, and by the tendency of joining several forms of art, from sculpture, to restoration, to music. He has always been attentive to the questions stemming from current affairs and he never ceased to show the longlasting bond that unravels on the thread of Time starting off from a glorious past to get to a tragic present.

Only the fossils remain, they become the coriaceous proof of a long lost Eden that represents a past ended in tragedy and ready to repeat itself, forever. At the same time, the fossils used by Shabalin acquire a new shape, thus a new meaning, through restoration work to yield a new artistic view.