Unique raw materials

Geoworld group is a global firm specialised in minerals, fossils, semiprecious stones, jewels, publishing and STEM toys.

Each product is inspired by nature, by geology ad paleontology and offers an unique experience: the chance to look into and own the result of millions of years.

Specific know how

The deep and scientific knowledge of the materials -minerals, gems and fossils- is one of the strengths of Geoworld; this expertise allows for the most appropriate use and development of the raw materials in different products.

The unique and specific know how has been built through years of studies, through the collaboration with the most important natural history museums of the world and thank to several scientific expeditions in America and Africa.

Italian design

The creation and development of all Geoworld products is located in the headquarter of Torreano di Cividale (Italy) and is managed directly by Stefano Piccini who guarantees for their scientificity. Even the toys are accurate museum replicas sculpted by experienced artisans.

Selection and accountability

All raw materials and production come from longtime partners and collaborators and each step of the productive process is conducted respecting environmental sustainability and local laws.

Geoworld group values work and nature and wants to spread these values as well as keeping high qualitative standards.


Upon request, Geoworld can provide product customization to satisfy particular clients’ requests.

Customization can affect either the packaging graphic adaptment or the creation of a new product to develop together with the client and scientific support of the most appropriate expert team.