All Geoworld products share the inspiration to the extraordinary history of our planet and its inhabitants of all times.
Fossils, minerals and semiprecious stones are the raw materials that contain the visual  historical imprint of millions of years; they are the window to the past that arrived to these days and that allow us to extend our scientific knowledge and also to admire the transformations done by Time on Nature.

To avoid to forget where we come from.

To avoid to forget we are all children of this special, beautiful and ancient planet.

To avoid to forget we are all children of this beautiful, special and ancient planet.

Dr. Steve Hunters

This is the new brand of the Group for the children from 4 to 12 years old. The brand has been created around the comics character of Dr. Steve Hunters, a nice geologist and paleonthologist alter ego of Mr. Stefano Piccini. Dr. Steve Hunters’ collaborators are not chosen by hazard, they all have a peculiar specialisation and, all together, they accompany the children to the discovery of sciences as mineralogy, enthomology and anatomy in an adventorous way through an entertaining language suited for the little ones.
Dr. Steve Hunters is the forefront character of the new collections of Geoworld STEM toys, the new clothes line and school accessories and scientific books. At the store, you can find several collectable booklets and the new magazine too.
The brand of Dr. Steve Hunters can be used for licensing operations in some sectors of merchandise.

Geoworld Eduproducts

The STEM toys’ product line is ispired by Nature and past times. Fossils (both authentic and replicas), gems, minerals, dinosaurs, insects, experiment and research kits lead the kids to discover and recognize natural mechanisms  through play and fun.
The toys and the collections boost sperimentation and research capabilities and are used to get the children acquainted with Sciences’ world by giving them exhaustive and accurate information found in the related leaflets.

Jurassic Gallery

Interior design items of authentic value: art and design are combined with the beauty of a fossil or a mineral to give a refined touch to any type of room.
This brand gathers the creations of the paleontological lab too which has been working for 30 years on the restoration of valuable fossils for museums, universities and exhibits all around the world.
Each item is unique because both the stone, or the fossil that Nature has developed during millions of years, are unique and unreplaceable as well as the human imprint containing the message that the artist has chosen to transmit.

Geoworld gift

Quality objects ispired by Nature that feature authentic minerals and fossils.
The artisanal expertise magnify the uniqueness of raw materials combining them to other ones.


Publishing house specialised in booklets and books for different targets: kids, adults, newbies and science enthusiasts.

Geospirit Gems & Jewellery

Unique and precious Jewels, realized by designers who are ispired by stones and chrystals energetic and aesthetic properties. Jewels which delight the body and the mind.